RasCals Online Gaming Guild

Founded in November 1995, the RasCals have a long and colorful history. We are a group of intrepid dimension hopping travelers who seek to have as much fun in as many ways as possible. Along our journeys we have grown in numbers, visited a myriad of different cosms, and faced many trials, but through it all the RasCals have stuck together and ridden a wave of friendship and fun that has outlasted any of the ordeals that we've faced.

The Road....

Multiplayer BattleTech: Solaris

Welcome MechWarrior!
The first realm to be visited by the RasCals was the Inner Sphere, where the great Houses of the Successor States vie for control of the "Known" galaxy using 30 meter tall mechanical behemoths, known as BattleMechs.

The RasCals became a force to be reckoned with, having both the skill and finesse to either beat their opponents or placate them into becoming their allies. After spending much time in this universe, a greater force, calling itself AO(HEL)L began to disrupt the great Houses causing much chaos within the Inner Sphere and to make matters worse they blockaded the entire Inner Sphere and began to charge MechWarriors seeking to do battle a toll to be able to access the Inner Sphere. After all of the chaos that AO(HEL)L had caused the RasCals decided that it was time to jump to another dimension in pursuit of enjoyment.


The Interlude....
The next realm to be visited by the RasCals was the war torn realm of Tanarus, where different units battle each other with a variety of tanks and weapons for control of cities. Although an appealing realm, the RasCals soon grew tired of the constant war-making and they began searching for greener pastures.

For a brief time some of the RasCals visited the post holocaust realm Terra 2120. There they spread the RasCals name and rose through the ranks. They didn't have the time to truly make their presence known, however, as the realm soon became unstable and collapsed.

Ultima Online

Hail and well met, Lord British.
During their travels the RasCals learned about the presence of an enticing realm known as Britannia. They looked into this realm and quickly began to populate it. Over time, the RasCals became force to be reckoned with and their name became well known within the realm, but fate, as it turns out, is indeed a fickle beast. The Gods of Britannia were a turbulent lot, and they continually changed the laws under which they lived. Many of the RasCals simply bore this chaos and continued living their lives whilst others grew weary and departed the realm.


You're in our world now!
Those that left the realm of Britannia soon discovered another realm, Norrath. After investigating this realm, they grew to believe that they could make a new home there and many of the RasCals decided to settle in Norrath, for honor, glory, and adventure. Over time, the RasCals became force to be reckoned with and their name became well known within the planes and realms of Norrath.

City of Heroes

Avengers Assemble!
After a while, the wanderlust was bound to strike again, and eventually did for some of the RasCals. As before, they left their homes and ventured forth into the unknown. Soon they stumbled upon Paragon City, a gleaming jewel and birthplace of tomorrow. Unfortunately, it was also a city beset by villainy and conflict. It looked like a place in need of the RasCals touch, so they decided to stay for a while, to lend a helping hand. The local villains were none too pleased by this turn of events....

World of Warcraft

For the Alliance!
Sensing a change in the fabric of the multiverse that often heralds the birth of a new realm, the RasCals struck out to find it and stake their claim upon it. They realm they found was a world in the midst of conflict, with two great powers vying for supremacy, the world of Azeroth. Looking upon the two great powers, the two great alliances of races, the RasCals chose to lend their strength to the power known as the Alliance, a coalition of Humans, Dwarves, Gnomes, Night Elves, and Draenei. The Horde will rue the day that they decided to shatter the peace; may the Heavens have mercy on them, for we will not.

Who knows where adventure will take the RasCals next?