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Welcome to the RasCals Online Gaming Guild website! We are an online multiplayer gaming guild whose ultimate purpose is to have fun while playing games we enjoy. Any and all are welcome to visit or stay a while, so come on in and look around.

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We can haz RIFT?
Author: TheMadExile :: Posted:
We must ascertain what's on the other side of this RIFT. Send in the SHEEP to make an exploratory probe! Pimp

This Just In...
Author: slymie :: Posted:
The RasCals aren't dead!!!!!

More at 11.

RasCals is now rank 15
Author: TheMadExile :: Posted:
RasCals is now a rank 15 guild! Congratulations all! Booze!

Gagrus the Unclean One comes to Altdorf
Author: TheMadExile :: Posted:
Gagrus the Unclean One turned up in Altdorf today. Witnesses at the scene reported that Gagrus was apparently looking for someone named George. After finding a local Shadow Warrior, Gagrus had this to say, "I will name him George and I will hug him and pet him and squeeze him."

Whats new pussycat?
Author: slymie :: Posted:
Well I have been derelict in my duties as the dispenser of good tidings. But no more! From here on out you shall be getting weekly, NAY DAILY reports from me. The best things that happened. The most interesting events to occur. The greatest... Nahh. fukit. Ya got this for now, be happy with that.

The move over to Magnus is complete and the new place seems to be agreeing with everyone. Lots of familier faces as well as a bunch of new ones makes it feel like home. Except we have enough people to actually see the game as it was meant to be seen.

We made our presence on Magnus known early on but inevitably our greetings devolved into the most basic of all forms.

Nekkid Newbs!!!

We started the night off casually. Trying to ease our way into the hearts of the Destruction players. Just a pigtailed Ironbreker and a blind White Lion.

But that wasn't enough. We simply felt that our "Hello World" lacked that certain RasCals flair. So we called in the Calvary.

In all fairness, I have to give credit where credit is due. That, and pass the blame to someone other than myself. So repeat after me... "Darven Females are always right. Dwarven Females are always right."

So we spent an evening rolling through Destro with a bunch of Nekkid Newbs. We did tend to lose more often than not, but they were all very few close games. I gotta say thats a good thing when half you entire team is lvl 2. Some folks weren't so happy with us it seems.

Meet Sue. She doesn't like Nekkidness.

Sue took a dirt nap shortly after voicing her opinion. Just goes to show that Dwarven Females are always right.

The evening slowly wound down and I figured the debauchery of blood and orgasmic screams of "FUKIN GREAT HEALING!!!" had finally run their course, but alas there was one last surprise in store for me.

Ever wonder where that missing banker always went to? Well wonder no more.

And here we thought Nekkid Newbs was fun. Apparently Banging Bankers is the new thing.

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